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Via21 started in Paysandú as a mother foundation devoted to sharing the way of Collective Evolution. The basis of this endeavor relies on incubating, validating, and empowering Triple-Impact Ventures, which aim for an eco-socio-economic approach, to thrive as a community in the XXI century,

In order to clearly represent not only the values, but how the core of the foundation works, we designed a communication strategy intrinsically related to this new paradigm organizational structure, with three areas functioning as independent driving forces, but sharing this common vision.


Brand System

Name Creation
Typographic Style
Color Palette
Social Templates

Web Solution

Information Architecture
UX/UI Design
Responsive Web Coding
Hosting + Domain
Email Campaigns


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Stephan Heit
Facundo Moyano

Jean-Paul Massonnier
Sebastián Robles
Ismael Estefanell

Agustina Venzano

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Pushing the collective evolution forward.

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Fostering the new go-to business paradigm.

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