PPBEA is a Work-based learning marketplace that helps students connect their personal talents, to the world of work in the Pikes Peak region. The Pikes Peak Business and Education Alliance (PPBEA) functions as a public/private partnership that emerges out of the effort amongst multiple school districts and charter school partners aiming to re-calibrate the K-12 education system.

At the moment we were approached, the project had a basic template website without any brand that to support a communication strategy. As a starting point, our main suggestion was to invest in designing a new visual language, which lies in the middle between an educational and business style. Then creating a mobile-based and fully responsive web solution, which reflects how bold and relevant the PPBEA initiative is to society.


Brand System

Typographic Style
Color Palette
Social Templates

Web Solution

Information Architecture
UX/UI Design
Responsive Web Coding
Interactive animations


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Bob Geminiani
Theresa Klinitski
Abbie Kohlman

Harris Kalofonos
Ismael Estefanell
Sebastian Robles
Jean-Paul Massonnier

PPBEA- Empower the next generation typographic poster
PPBEA - Website UI Teachers & Parents hero section

The upcoming educational approach.

PPBEA- Business Cards
PPBEA - Website UI Home page hero section on imac
PPBEA - website UI Power of experience section
PPBEA - website UI Share your story section
PPBEA - website UI Education Resources hero section
PPBEA - Letterhead design

Matching in real-life work experiences.

PPBEA - website UI footer section
PPBEA - website UI Career Representative hero section
PPBEA - website UI Career Exploration and Training section
PPBEA - icons and graphics
PPBEA - website UI participation section
PPBEA- Empower the next generation typographic poster
PPBEA - website UI Own your future section
PPBEA - website UI Support k-12 students section
PPBEA - website UI Why should I partner section