Planetarie brings plant-based healing to the mainstream, using a proprietary water extraction technology to produce fully stabilized, raw CBDa, in the form of ingestible and topical products.

Since the industry context involves a lot of information about the chemical differences and medical benefits of this kind of approach to cannabis. We were asked to update their brand strategy and redesign the whole web experience around their philosophy and products.

To solve this, we designed a new website decoupled from the store, this way we were able to create a fully customized web solution to inform better and promote wellness through valuable content and article creation, while keeping the shop experience separated.


Brand System

Typographic Style
Color Palette

Web Solution

Information Architecture
UX/UI Design
Responsive Web Coding
Interactive animations


Stacy Cason
Ethan Stevens

Harris Kalofonos
Jean-Paul Massonnier
Ismael Estefanell

Putting the best of nature and science together.

Naturally Sourced. Carefully Produced.

Making natural human well-being a reality.