Green Hearted


Oxend evolved from a familiar courier business into a startup that brings its technology to leverage on-demand delivery of goods for small and medium-size businesses, using exclusively environmentally-friendly vehicles.

We got really involved with this idea of a service based on health and sustainability, with this shared vision compromised with the urban transformation, towards greener cities.

The solution we presented, relies on the concept of inspiring healthier people and cities, with more oxygen and less noise. A notion that is well represented from the naming approach, to typeface and colors.


Brand System

Name Creation
Typographic Style
Color Palette
Social Templates

Web Solution

Information Architecture
UX/UI Design
Responsive Web Coding
Email Campaigns


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Ignacio Pesce
Pablo Bianchi

Jean-Paul Massonnier
Bernardo Firpo

Stephanie Oliver

Oxend loader displayed on a smartphone screen

Helping transform cities and their inhabitants.

Oxend t-shirt
UI of oxend's website
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Pantalla de registro desde celular
Pantalla de registro desde celular
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A sustainable way to get things delivered.

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