TEDx events don't need much presentation, but when we were approached to be part of the team, we loved the idea of helping spread TED-style talks in our local community for the first time!

With the theme of reinventing ourselves, we decided to create a sub-brand based on one of the most used characters in the digital era (the slash) that adapts itself to change and create different contexts.


Brand System

Social Templates

Web Solution

Information Architecture
UX/UI Design
Responsive Web Coding
Hosting + Domain
Email Campaigns


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Stephan Heit
Magdalena Ordoqui

Jean-Paul Massonnier
Sebastián Robles

Tedx Paysandú propaganda with date
TEDx Paysandú personal card

Experiences worth spreading locally.

TEDx Paysandú bus stop bilboard
TEDx Paysandú Hero section on landing page
TEDx Paysandú Speaker
TEDx Paysandú participant invitation
TEDx Paysandú colaborator invitation
TEDx Paysandú description of what it is
TEDx Paysandú instagram feed "Manuela Da Silveira" as a speaker

Organizing the need for knowledge sharing.

Manuela Da Silveria speaking in TEDx Paysandú
Laura Galin speaking in TEDx Paysandú
Mobile view of the webpage of TEDx Paysandú
Mobile view of the webpage of TEDx Paysandú
Mobile view of the webpage of TEDx Paysandú
TEDx Paysandú ticket
Ronald Sistek presentation

A closer engagement with real experiences.

TEDx Paysandú Personal card